Situated in Pembroke, the Luxol Sports Club complex provides a unique atmosphere with state of the art playing surfaces and facilities built on more than 15,000 square meters of land area. Read on to discover all about the recreational opportunities here at our complex.

15,000 m2 of facilities

We house live sports events and also the St. Andrews Coaching Academy. All our facilities and pitch are as complete as it gets, equipped with floodlighting, dressing rooms, PA System, closed circuit TV, male & female restrooms, a stadium office and professional sport coaches, all of which is available for hire by individuals, schools or Clubs.

Football Nursery

Luxol Sports Club is the largest complex of its kind on the Island, offering nurseries for kids of 4 years of age and onward. We also host friendly and competitive football matches. Due to the close proximity to the field of play our stadium quickly gets packed with excitement! We are able to host up to 800 spectators under the main cover.

Kid’s Parties

The Luxol Sports club features versatile playing surfaces suitable for most children which can be pre-booked in advance. Spaces range from a playing area to more open spaces making Luxol Sports Club a truly ideal environment for Kid’s parties. In addition St. Andrews Academy offers programs that have been enjoyed by thousands of kids.

Great food and catering

Known mostly for our delicious pizza, but that is not where the story ends… Discover the range of burgers and other meals available on or menu. To make it easier, you can now order your Take Away online and save on waiting time!

Private events

Our bar and kitchen can handle functions or private events to accommodate larger groups. From food, to drinks, music and atmosphere… we have you covered! Bookings are subject to the availability of the venue.

Easy Parking

When heading to Luxol Sports Club by car you can rest assured that you will find it relatively easier to park thanks to the amplitude of space that we allocated for parking. We make your experience hassle free from the start!